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With more than 30,000 highly professional translators, we are able to provide one of the fastest turnaround time in the world.

Fast Turnaround

We don’t just deliver high quality end results but we do it at the most competitive price possible.

Affordable Price

We have processed a total of more than 8.5 billion words in more than 150 different languages. Let us be your solution to your language needs.

Multi-lingual Service Provider

Industries We Handle

We have a specialised team of professionals specific to each industry.

Legal Spectrum
Media & Entertainment

Volume Of Work We Handle Every Year

Source of Statistics: US CSA Report


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ISO Certified: Your Trusted Partner

Transn has an ISO9001 certification for quality assurance. With international standards, we continue to steadily provide qualified products and services to customers. Customers are the center of our company and we do whatever we can to meet their needs. Through strict translator ratings and a project reviewing system, Transn guarantees high quality.


Some Of Our Clients


Organizational Zoo, Australia


The Organizational Zoo, and Intelligent Answers as it’s founding company worked with Transn International Singapore remotely in order to translate specific material from English to Vietnamese. Their service was prompt and friendly, and their processes easy to understand. We are looking forward to translating our material into other languages and fostering this relationship.

The World’s Leading Multilingual Information Processing And Service Provider.

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