Manufacturing, Engineering & Construction Industry

Advanced Translation Management Platform, Corpus, and Terminology Resources

Manuals and Technical Introductions of New Equipment and New Technology, helping enterprises quickly digest and absorb advanced technology locally and internationally. With Transn International Singapore’s translation services and expertise, we manage internal translation teams scientifically and effectively with functions such as internal online collaboration networks, multi-role project management, and simultaneous translating and proofreading.

What We Can Translate and Localize

Health and Safety Documents

Manufacturing and Engineering Articles

Material Safety Data Sheets

Patents and Patent Applications

Product Labeling, Packaging and Catalogs

Product Specifications

Regulatory Documentation

Service, Maintenance and Policy Manuals

Site Surveys

Technical Reports

Training Materials

User and Operating Instructions

Website Translation

User Manuals

Call Center Interpreting

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We provide both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. Whether you are planning to take depositions in a complex international litigation, cross-examine a witness in a trial, or prepare a witness who does not speak English, we facilitate communication at all stages of the legal process.

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